A dor cria um escritor.
 Bukowski.  (via sooulss)


i will. never be over this. because.

those AU fics where liam is the jock!boyfriend who’s all sweetly ignorantly staunchly encouraging and supportive to his hipster-artist/author!boyfriendZayn who smiles fondly and appreciates it more than all the awards and positive reviews he’s ever received

and zayn finds it so easy to turn down the sexy intellectual/arty art critics/editors/gallery owners/publishing giants who suavely hit on him at book readings/exhibitions without even a first thought because none of them can compare

to the brick firehouse athlete puppy warm-hearted chocolate-voiced lumberjack rapper bringing him a fresh cocktail and looking fine as f#ck in a new suit?


inspired by (x)

And then we have Liam singing My Humps x